Spitfire island development - your chance to have your say

New signals would be installed at Spitfire Island as part of the £16.5m plan.

Local Liberal Democrat councillor, Ann Holtom, is urging local residents to have their say in connection with the proposed £16.5 million scheme to improve the main traffic route on the A452 Chester Road between Tyburn Road and junction five of the M6 - with major changes planned at busy Spitfire Island, Castle Vale. The whole scheme is to be the subject of a public consultation this month, between May 14 - 24.

The aim of the works is to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion while also providing better pedestrian crossings, cycling facilities and public transport. Changes will include replacing zebra crossings with toucan crossings, having a combined footway and cycleway, providing priority for buses from Tyburn Road at the junction with Chester Road and creating verge parking bays to enable use of the nearside lane in Chester Road. Additionally, a slip road from Fort Parkway on to Chester Road would be created, signals would be added to the M6 junction five roundabout and Spitfire roundabout, a new bridge will be built over the proposed High Speed 2 rail line and work done to the Spitfire Roundabout to allow a possible new layout for traffic to flow through the middle.

Cllr Holtom said: "These major works will have a big impact on our area and could mean safer and quicker access for drivers and pedestrians. What is really important is for local people to have their say on these changes and for their views to be taken into account by the planners and engineers. I would urge residents to see for themselves what is being proposed at one of the exhibitions in the area and fill in one of the feedback questionnaires which will be available. Alternatively you can view the proposals online by searching for Chester Road improvements at www.birmingham.gov.uk, and you can make comments online if you prefer."

Exhibitions will be held at the Castle Vale Retail Park in Chester Road from 10am to 3pm on Saturday, May 14 and 3pm to 6pm on Tuesday, May 24, at Castle Bromwich Business Park in Tameside Drive from 11am until 2pm in Wednesday, May 18, at the Bagot Arms in Eachelhurst Road from 4pm until 7pm in Thursday, May 19 and 9am to 1pm on Friday, May 20 and at B&Q Car Park in Dunlop Way, off Chester Road from 3pm to 6pm on Monday, May 23. Birmingham City staff will be at the exhibitions to help explain the plans and to answer queries.